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Offers premium warehouse in Malmö harbor

In addition to climate-smart logistics, we also offer warehousing and transhipment for groceries in the food industry. Our warehouse of almost 4000 sqm has a standard that meets the requirements of the food industry.

Fossil-free transports

Our climate work is constantly advancing
and we hope more are hanging on

Since 2020, we have completely stopped refueling diesel, which is a fossil fuel in our trucks. All trucks are powered by fossil-free fuels such as biogas, RME or HVO. The goal is to help not increase the earth’s average temperature and attract companies that think the environment and climate are an important issue. We work with sustainable logistics and therefore always offer the best environmental alternative to our customers.

Transport services

Today we have about 40 vehicles that perform daily transports to our pleasant customers

Does your company want to hear if we can start a collaboration with decent transport? Nordanå Transport AB has a sustainability certification for road freight transport called Fair Transport. Our advice to all transport buyers is that you hire companies that are connected to Fair Transport, then you can be sure that you take your responsibility and you will hopefully avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Nordanå Transport – Climate friendly logistics services


We are providing warehousing and logistics services with safe and reliable transports that is performed with the least possible impact in our environment, and fair terms for all employees. With around 50 employees and 40 vehicles with different combination, we stand available every day, all year round. Welcome!



where we participated in Swedish research regarding future vehicle trains, also called platooning

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“Using a combination of trains and trucks with good environmental performance is an effective approach to reduce transport’s negative climate footprint. Bring Intermodal offers solutions where we use local drivers and trucks powered by fossil-free fuels for loading and unloading for climate-smart companies. We have used Nordanå Transport for this type of transport in the Skåne region with great success. Nordanå Transport offers what we want with great precision and high quality. “

Andreas Adolfsson Business Operations Manager Bring Intermodal Group

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“DHL has worked together with Nordanå Transport AB for many years. Nordanå has performed ad hoc assignments with fixed routes and trailers to our great satisfaction. We appreciate their environmental profile and their delivery reliability, which is important for us at DHL”

Ulf Arnshed, Senior Network Manager at DHL Freight Sweden AB

” “CMP is a full-service port that manages all types of freight and has a tailor-made infrastructure for all ship types such as container and RoRo traffic, car import/export, wet and dry bulk and cruise. The port’s strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure make CMP a perfect hub for goods handling to markets around northern Europe and Scandinavia.
With us, intermodal logistics solutions are well developed so that goods can be moved between ships, trains and lorries. In connection with truck transports we have hired Nordanå Transport because we know that we then have access to skilled personnel, environmentally sound solutions and great flexibility”.

Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB