Privacy Policy

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and GDPR

We handle the security of your personal data with the utmost respect and consideration. On this page we describe how data collection and use is handled on our website to comply with applicable laws and regulations GDPR. For questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact us at

What information do we save and why?

Nordanå Transport AB collects personal information such as name, email address and other information that is important for our dialogue with you. We may collect information when you interact with our website, e-mail or via posts on social media.

Customer handling

When we communicate, your company and the personal information needed will be registered in our customer database. We retain your personal data for as long as they are needed to enable us to invoice and have an adequate history of our joint business.


You have the right to withdraw consent to use of your personal data at any time by contacting us. If you believe that we have handled your personal information in a manner inconsistent with our stated directives, you have the right to appeal to a regulatory authority.
You have the right to request information about what personal information we have stored about you. You also have the right to request correction or deletion of your personal data at any time.


Cookies are used on Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and used to track what you do on the site. Cookies on the website are mainly used to measure traffic and to optimize the page content. Nordanå Transport AB does not provide the information to any third party. If you do not accept cookies being used, you can turn cookies off in your browser’s security settings.

Adopted and decided January 2019 by Anders Clarén