A sustainable business for both you and the environment

We believe that the future for us as carriers is to deliver climate-friendly and secure logistics services – and that is something we really stick up to. All our vehicles are equipped with environmentally friendly engines and fueled with alternative fuels, for example HVO100, a synthetic diesel fuel that minimizes carbon dioxide by up to 90 percent. All the cars have Computers that control the consumption of fuels and the environmental impact. They have available computers for secure communication with the traffic manager that plan all the traffic based on delivery performance, cost, environmental impact and high level of service.

Since 2013 we offer available transshipment and storage in the port of Malmo, of course, with competent personal and electric forklifts. Even here we want to contribute to climate-smart solutions through groupage, minimized transports and reduced unloaded driving, when the layer is where the cars are set up. With extensive experience, Secure Systems and sharp environmental profile, we offer holistic solutions for the modern society. Together with us on Nordanå you can reduce your carrier’s environmental impact without compromising the central business values.

There will always be a need for transporter. Together with us on Nordanå Transport Can you as customer help reduce the environmental impact of your carrier, and do a god contribution to our climate.

Nordanå Transport was established in 1986 and have today a turnover in about 50 million per year, and our logistics services are at your disposal 365 days a year. Want to know more about us, please download our company presentation here.


  • Optimal planning and logistics functions by the traffic manager on Nordanå
  • High occupancy vehicle
  • Bonus Opportunities for employees and good wages for focus on efficiency
  • Owner-managed company with a strong customer focus and low costs
  • Small and modern organization with the latest in technical aids

High service

  • We offer climate-friendly transportation and logistics services seven days a week
  • We arrange transport at short notice
  • All drivers are well educated, with flexibility as watchword
  • We offer us always to solve problems for you as a customer
  • Skilled staff with high availability for you

Delivery reliability


  • Our overall goal is that 100% of all time-ordered shipments are delivered on time
  • High quality and safety for both staff and transport
  • Modern and updated fleet with established service for safe transport
  • Regular feedback and follow-up of any delay or disruption
  • Monitoring of deviations, and the reporting of damage to vehicles
  • Alcohol locks on all drawing vehicles
Vårt övergripande mål är att 100 % av alla tidsbeställda transporter levereras i tid