”Complementing Coop Logistik’s rail solutions with new trucks running on fossil free fuel is an active, important choice for us at Coop. Our supplier – Nordanå Transport – has chosen to take a lead when it comes to environmental initiatives, and now we are together making a united effort to achieve a better environment.”
Peter Rosendahl, Transport Manager Coop Logistik AB

Environment and safety

Fossil free for the environment!


As of January 2020 we use only fossil free fuel in our trucks. By investing in new vehicles that can be run on biofuels, Nordanå Transport and their customers are taking yet another step to minimize the company’s impact on climate.

All of our trucks use RME, a Swedish fuel made from oilseed rape, or HVO, which is a synthetic diesel manufactured from food waste and residual products from the forestry industry. Our fuel suppliers are EU-approved and the fuels contain no PFAD or palm oil.

Nordanå Transport thus minimize their negative climate impact by up to 90% with regard to carbon dioxide and other negative emissions in comparison with ordinary diesel.

“It’s a question of making decisions and thinking in the long-term. There are new vehicles now with engines developed for biofuels, and there are more ecofriendly fuels. Initially we had some technical problems and our costs increased when we converted to biofuels, but we can now see that our environmental initiative hasn’t resulted in any significant additional costs,” explains Anders Clarén of Nordanå Transport.

Climate should not be a cost issue. It has now been shown that the increase in costs related to fossil free transport is less than 2% of the total price! That’s why we encourage everyone who makes use of transport to go green.

You can make a difference – buy fossil free transport!